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Who doesn’t appreciate the sight and sound of a babbling brook, beautiful rivers and majestic oceans. It seems reasonable, therefore, to think we must all agree on the importance of taking time to reflect on water stewardship. This means not only doing the right thing, it's also about generating resulting business benefits as well. If…
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The development and evolution of the chemical industry is directly responsible for many of the technical advancements that have emerged since the late 19th century. However, it was not until the 1980s that the environment became a priority for the chemical industry. This was prompted largely by stricter environmental regulations and a need to address the sector’s poor…
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In the mid-to-late 1990s, corporate sustainability was still viewed as an add-on. Stakeholder concerns, resource pressures and societal damage were failing to influence business. Most companies continued to focus purely on economic gains. The 1997 Kyoto Protocol pushed climate action into the policy sphere and politicians began to push more demands onto the private sector.…
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Chef Jagger Gordon is a shining example of how one person can make a difference. Gordon says Canadians waste an average of 873 lbs. of food per person, per year, at a cost of approximately $30 billion. These figures are topped off with the statistics that tell us 40 percent of food produced in our…
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No doubt many of the ways we harm our environment come back to haunt us in the form of sickness. The realization that the pesticide-laced foods we eat, the smokestack-befouled air we breathe and the petrochemical-based products we use negatively affect our quality of life is a big part of the reason so many people have…
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Common sense tells us that a sound environment is important to human health. However, only in recent years have science and technology provided us with ways to measure the correlation between a healthy environment and a healthy body. Advances in the field of environmental health have taught us much about human health hazards; for example, air pollution…
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ENVIRO RX, April 2018

If Earth had no atmosphere, it would be a frozen planet without life. Gases in the atmosphere temporarily trap some of the energy from the sun and convert it to heat, which maintains an average surface temperature on earth that is capable of sustaining life. Human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, have increased the…
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Every day grocery stores across Canada are doling out tens of thousands of thin plastic bags. We all know how many of these bags end up on our streets and sidewalks, in our trees and waterways. Effective January1 of this year Montreal's new bylaw banning single-use plastic bags went into effect, making it the first…
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It is with great pride on January 31, 2018 on behalf of EAG, we were able to shine a spotlight on companies who are working diligently towards continuous improvement in their environmental health and safety processes. They have been, and continue to improve waste management in all areas, in responsible purchasing, adherence to government laws…
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Enviro RX, January 2018

Earlier this week was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a holiday in the U.S. During the day, I heard many media messages of hope and inspiration, including the iconic “I have a dream....” There is no question that Dr. King was a leader and a visionary. Today, more than ever, we need examples…
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ENVIRO RX, December 2017

Listening and talking to people that have a direct interest in your business is key to earning trust and creating an environment where people take pride in working for, and engaging with you. Understanding and prioritizing the things that matter most to you and your stakeholders is essential to ensure your business can have the…
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We know environmental pollution comes in various forms including air, water, soil, etc.  Each one of us is a stakeholder as we are all inhabitants of this one and only mother earth, and each one of us can contribute something to advance environmental pollution mitigation measures. You and I should therefore accept personal responsibility for…
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ENVIRO RX, October 2017

  Since 1990 EAG has had the privilege of working hand in hand with many hospitals, pharma companies, healthcare facilities and their employees to assist with their environmental goals and achievements. Over the years we have seen tremendous environmental improvement in commitment to excellence. And so here we are now, eagerly anticipating being able to…
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ENVIRO RX, September 2017

It has been estimated we waste roughly 40 percent of all the food we produce. Shame on us! This is an environmental disaster. Food production is a resource-intensive process, requiring water, energy, land, human labour plus an elaborate web of production, processing and distribution infrastructure. When we throw away food we also squander all these…
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Enviro RX, August 2017

Two opposing scenarios captured my attention recently. The first scenario was seeing the photo of a young woman wading through garbage just to be able to go surfboarding. The visual impact brought me to tears. I have posted the photo on the EAG website this month not to shock you but to inspire you into…
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