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Enviro RX, Jan 2015

Once upon a time, the amount of waste generated was considered small enough to be diluted in the environment. With massive industrialization and urbanization, a new concept followed this somewhat optimistic view: “concentrate and contain”. Its objective was to eliminate the waste or at least protect the population from its grasp, which generally involved either…
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Enviro RX, Dec 2014

Simply disposing of waste (either dumping it in a hole or burning it) should be our absolute last option for dealing with leftover materials. For example, the Green Dot system is how the vast majority of European companies comply with the European Union Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, which makes companies 100% responsible for the…
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Enviro RX, Nov 2014

As Canadians we expect to have our environment protected. However, in a report from Julie Gelfand, Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment, we are being short-changed. She said that in many key areas it was not clear how the government intends to address the significant environmental challenges that future growth and development will likely bring about.…
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