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Waste Auditing

We’ll sort, weigh, and quantify the amount of waste that leaves your facility, making it easy to fulfill your 3Rs regulation requirements.

EAG conducts waste audits, drafts waste audit reports and writes waste reduction work plans, providing recommendations to reduce waste and improve diversion rates. Just launching your waste program or considering a zero-waste-to-landfill goal? EAG can assist you at any point.
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Unsure about stewardship deadlines, measuring your packaging, or which provinces you should file reports with? Leave it to us.

Through physical product assessments and analysis of unit sales, we can determine how much packaging your company released into each province. Then, we complete stewardship submissions on your behalf, so you can focus on your other projects.
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Award Applications

We'll add credibility and visibility to your environmental programs by finding award opportunities that recognize your accomplishments.

We will research award opportunities to find the right selection for your company, interview you and your team to understand your programs, and then draft and submit award applications, nominations, and questionnaires on your behalf.
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