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Since 1990, we've shown pharma companies, hospitals, and healthcare facilities how to comply with environmental regulations.

EAG conducts waste audits and drafts waste reduction work plans, handles provincial packaging stewardship submissions, and files ministry required reports on behalf of our clients. Allow us to handle these, and other legal requirements, so that you can focus on growing your business.

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In the eyes of your partners, customers, and employees, just being compliant with the law is the minimum.

Through our gold standard audit processes, EAG can provide your team with detailed data and tailored recommendations, allowing you to go above and beyond the legal minimum and out-perform your competitors. Additionally, you'll be ahead of the game when regulations change.

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Through workshops, open-houses, and presentations, EAG can provide up-to-date information on environmental topics.

We often visit clients' offices to educate employees on the impact of diverting waste, reducing packaging, or the importance of proper disposal of pharmaceutical products. We can present to your employees at large or just a few key people on your team, depending on your preference.

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