ELPH™ Awards Application

Environmental Leadership Awards for Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, and Healthcare Products

ELPH Awards Application



    A2. Confirm Eligibility

    Is the applicant a brand owner, manufacturer, or distributor of pharmaceutical and personal care products?

    Brand OwnerManufacturerDistributor

    A3. Confirm Scope

    Are the applicant’s environmental initiatives in Canada?


    A4. Applicant Level

    What recognition level has the applicant applied for?


    B1. Areas of Impact

    Check off all areas of impact the project has affected.

    Measurable Reduction in Environmental Impact

    Employee Engagement


    Green Procurement

    Eco-Philanthropy & Charitable Giving

    Note: Have cost savings been realized through the implementation of any of the above? If yes, please include with answers from B2 to B7.

    B2. Measurable Reduction in Environmental Impact

    1. Demonstrate steps taken to ensure sustainability of environmental initiatives. This could include water conservation, water management, energy efficiency, emissions reduction etc.

    2. How does sustainability and environmental governance align with the corporate business plan? Please explain.

    B3. Employee Engagement

    Describe how the applicant encourages employee engagement in the organization. Explain the impact of these initiatives.

    B4. Stewardship

    1. How has the applicant taken on an industry leadership role and promoted change within the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry?

    2. Does the applicant have an effective program to provide to customers on safe and responsible end-of-life management of product?

    3. Does the applicant have an effective education program to promote additional environmental programs?

    B5. Green Procurement

    What purchasing policies does the applicant have in place to ensure the procurement of environmentally preferable raw materials, products, energy, transportation, packaging and supplies?

    B6. Eco-Philanthropy & Charitable Giving

    What programs / initiatives has the applicant participated in that encourage applicant to go beyond compliance such as voluntary commitments to higher performance targets?

    B7. Special Projects

    Please provide any additional information concerning the applicant’s environmental initiatives

    Additional Information

    Upload any supporting information (.doc, .docx, PDF, or .jpg only - max file size 5 Megabytes):

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