Waste Auditing

We’ll sort, weigh, and quantify the amount of waste that leaves your facility, making it easy to fulfill your 3Rs regulation requirements. Whether you’re just launching your waste program or considering a zero-waste-to-landfill goal, EAG can assist you at any point with your waste projects.

Over 30 years in business,  EAG has helped clients meet or exceed all applicable environmental regulatory requirements. Audits help to indicate areas where the company can better manage “waste” materials, often resulting in cost savings. Specifically, EAG will investigate opportunities for reduction, reuse, improved handling (separation or recycling), reduced liability, and any other options currently available to healthcare firms.

EAG works closely with corporate personnel who are responsible for functions within the company which have a direct affect on our audit. Audit research is conducted using a combination of physical assessment (generation points, material measurement, data collection, sorting and sampling), personal interviews and evaluation of accounting records detailing corporate waste management practices. This multi-faceted approach ensures the integrity of the audit data.

Upon completion, our clients possess an internal process to facilitate the audit process moving forward. Continual assistance is provided to update and maintain accurate data for database management. EAG provides a “Guidance Document” for maintaining and updating audit data.


  • Hazardous Waste Audits
  • Non-Hazardous Waste Audits
  • Packaging Material Audits
  • Promotional Material Audits
  • Reduction Workplans
  • Database Management
  • Tracking Systems
Waste Auditing

An audit of the Phase Separation Solutions facility was an integral element in our early success in the pharmaceutical waste management industry.  This thorough audit, conducted independently by the Environmental Advisory Group (EAG), coupled with Ms. James’ sage advice ensured that we were offering a safe, secure and effective alternative to the market.  I can honestly state that having her audit attached to the Facility helped a great deal in establishing our place in an extremely safety conscious market.

– Stephen Clarke – Phase Separation Solutions

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