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A Tailor Made Prescription Just For Your Professional Practice!

If you work in the pharmaceutical industry or associated industries, EnviroRx is your prescription for the latest information and analysis about issues that directly impact the way your company does business.

When you subscribe to EnviroRx you receive much more than a news digest about issues and regulations. You get commentary and analysis about what it all means – the latest regulatory and news developments, the events that led to them, what they really mean to you and your work, and where they are likely to lead in the future.

It’s all delivered in a clear, crisp and readable style designed to hand you the most useful information in the briefest time – so you can get back to work and put the information to good use.

Government at all levels is forging ahead with demanding new regulations governing hazardous wastes, biomedical wastes, packaging, air pollution and all manor of related environmental issues. EnviroRx takes a look at how we got here, what it means, and what’s coming next – all of which is affecting your company right now.

You will receive EnviroRx regularly, and need-to-know updates. Remember that EnviroRx is interactive - we want to hear your views, suggestions, and topics of interest, so that we can continue to serve your highly specialized needs. This year we are also initiating an e-mail service that will provide important news to our subscribers in between regular issues of EnviroRx.

Here are some highlights of EnviroRx™. Regulatory And News Developments:
  • Profiles Of Successful EH&S Initiatives In The Health Care Field
  • Insightful Analysis As To What These Developments Mean To You And Your Work
  • Free Consulting Services
  • Frequent Double Issues
  • Multiple Copies For Corporate Distribution

Our subscribers receive information on environmental sustainability as it pertains to the pharmaceutical and health care industries, as well as updates on conferences and events happening around the GTA, Canada and the world.