Questions about waste and packaging regulations?

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Whether you’re looking to understand environmental regulations, industry best practices, or searching for new sustainability programs, EAG will work with you to answer your questions and recommend a course of action. 25 years in business means that EAG has connections in industry, government, and institutions. We’ll leverage our network of professionals to guide us to the answers you’re looking for.

Additionally, we can assist you with any of the following projects.

Once an environmental infrastructure is in place, EAG will help to position your firm as an environmentally conscientious supplier, employer, neighbour, manufacturer, or importer.

Strategic Planning
Let EAG ensure that consideration of environmental issues permeates every aspect of the short-term and long-term planning processes in your firm.

Market Research
How do you find data on what is happening in the marketplace vis a vis environmental issues? You use market research to make many other decisions – what about the environment? Does it pay to be green? Who else is? Find out with EAG’s assistance.

EAG will benchmark your firm against other similar healthcare companies so that management can gauge your relative market position regarding environmental issues.

Environmental Committee
EAG provides ongoing leadership and guidance of your firm’s environmental task force, as well as integration into an existing Health and Safety Committee to form an EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) Committee or Task Force.

Policy Development
Do you have a corporate environmental policy? Does it encompass specific environmental issues here in Canada? Compare and contrast the environmental policies of other pharmaceutical firms in Canada and worldwide.

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