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The PharmaWorkshop was a great opportunity for CIELAP to share the recommendations from our recent research report, entitled There is No Away:  Pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting substances:  Emerging contaminants detected in water.

Anne Mitchell - Executive Director, Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy,

The Environmental Advisory Group has lasted as long as it has, and is as successful as it is because of Lisa James. Lisa's charisma can inspire anyone to forego their former habits and start caring more about the environment in every aspect whether it be with pharmaceutical products or waste in general. In the past year that I have been her Web Designer, I have learned so much and she has taken a lot of time to share what she does with me. This especially was reflected when she agreed to be interviewed by phone for a radio show where I also work. The Environmental Advisory Group should be an inspiration to us all.

Lisa DesGrosiellers - Artsy Techy Design Inc,

Just a few words to tell you that the conference was very interesting and well organized.  The speakers were knowledgeable and competent in their field. It was a pleasure meeting you, next time you are in Montreal please give me a call so we can arrange a meeting.

Sylvie Bertrand - VP Corporate Business, 3R Environnement International ,

The EnviroPharm conference is unique because it explores emerging issues
in the HUGE grey area where health and the environment overlap.

Jackie Campbell - Saxe Law Firm,