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Bank Brother Sustainable Ingredients leans on Pulse Tech Corp to monitor, manage, and resolve IT systems so they can focus on what’s important – their business.

Bank Brother Sustainable Ingredients leans on Pulse Tech Corp to monitor, manage, and resolve IT systems so they can focus on what’s important – their business.

Bank Brothers Sustainable Ingredients (BBSI) is part of the Bank Brothers group of companies, a multi-generational family business with more than 70 years of experience focusing on adding value to key by-products of the beef industry. The company gradually expanded its operations and expanded its offerings to include blended beef shortenings, lard, vegetable oil, and vegetable oil shortening. More recently the company added equipment allowing permit bulk rail tanker receiving and shipping, achieved of BRC Certification (the first oil processor in Canada to do so) and added a full line of Halal Certified vegetable oils.

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BBSI (Earlier Hubbert Industries) was bought over by Bank Brothers group of companies. This acquisition came up with multiple transformational changes, both at business level and at its interaction with IT.  BBSI needed a professional IT company to support their two offices while optimizing resources and employees. BBSI needed technical support to ensure steady service during peak periods of the workday. They also needed proper consulting on managing the acquisition change and bring in workspace optimization strategy to ensure smooth operations and migration.


BBSI turned to Pulse Tech Corp to consolidate their IT environment during acquisition and signed up with us to help them manage day-to-day support and sustainment activities that usually consumed much of their time and efforts.

Pulse Tech Corp’s Managed IT Services have improved BBSI’s ability to operate its two locations in an “always available” manner and, Pulse Tech Corp’s after-hours support helps BBSI always keep its operations running. Our managed services not only provided them with daily IT support, but also guided them to deliver the strategic IT that helps them solve business challenges, tackle innovative projects, and maintain a competitive advantage. IT Managed services ensures that they are not only proactively monitored and maintained, but also provided with rapid help desk support and reactive support.

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Agile and Change Management

BBSI had aggressive expansion plans and IT managed services helped them create a foundation that was ready to cater to agile and evolving requirements easily. We ensured that the environment was scalable and was able to accommodate changes without any issues.


IT Managed services ensures that their server and IT infrastructure utility and availability is optimum all the time. This ensures employee productivity and business objectives meet their own expectations smoothly.

Save +$50k in support services

Instead of having an internal IT resource person, moving to Pulse Tech Corp’s managed services has helped BBSI improve efficiency and reduce their IT expenditure. They were still provided with a dedicated account manager responsible for overlooking their support requirements personally, supported with team of engineers having years of collective experience and expertise.

Time to Focus on Strategic Priorities

Having Pulse Tech Corp’s reactive support gives BBSI more time to improve their Business Operations to keep pace with organizational goals and demands.

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