Yesterday I was asked by a friend if I had seen a recent interview by Peter Mansbridge of Dr. David Suzuki in honour of his 80th birthday. I have not yet seen it but was quite intrigued; apparently toward the end Mansbridge asks him “Are we too late?” or something to that effect. The presence of climate change is now irrefutable and many people are wondering the same thing. Can our individual efforts affect REAL change?

Now is not the time to get discouraged – in fact Earth Week is the perfect time to think about our committments and to redouble them. Collectively we can and do make a difference! As with all meaningful change it begins with awareness. As individuals, we may not be able to “undo” whatever damage has been done to the earth. BUT there are dedicated people all over this planet working on solutions! Whether the efforts are found within the cleantech industry, a new circular economy, solar powered energy, or sustainability management practices: ALL are contributing to healing our ailing planet.

At EAG, we would love to hear about your Earth Day or Earth Week activities. Send us your pictures and your story so we can share your ideas and enthusiasm with our readers. Mother Earth will thank you.

– Lisa James.

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