Happy Earth Month! Many organizations are promoting their sustainability initiatives this month on social media. One of which being Starbucks coffee. On Earth Day on April 22, the coffee purveyor will host a Q&A with its chief sustainability officer Michael Kobori on TikTok and Instagram, during which he will answer questions previously posted by customers on social media. Click here to read more.

As we have discussed in previous months, PPE pollution is a growing issue in Canada as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. It is important to keep proper waste disposal practices in mind when throwing away PPE.

Our top story focuses on the repercussions a Saskatchewan city is facing due to PPE clogging their sewage system. In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, the city is attempting to mitigate these clogs by cleaning and pumping the sewage systems more frequently, as well as adding new infrastructure to help grind the debris.

However, these are all costly, quick-fix solutions; whereas issues such as these need to be addressed at the grassroots level by informing citizens and organizations about proper PPE disposal. If this is happening in Saskatchewan, one can safely assume it’s happening everywhere. Using our sewer systems in this way is simply wrong!

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-Lisa James

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