We are excited to have released more information about the ELPH Awards. There are 12 days till Earth Day and only 200 days until you can submit your application to the inaugural ELPH Awards!

Every day, there are headlines that point to a worrying increase in the average temperature of our planet. It is easy to feel powerless in the face of all this, but by acting in a responsible manner with respect to the environment, you have a chance to influence others in your social circle potentially causing a positive ripple effect. Healthcare has a huge role to play in combating environmental issues. The ELPH Awards are for anyone from Avon to Zeneca (Astra) and every company in between.

There are some simple, everyday ways to become more environmentally-friendly. For example, if you are using a company to clean your house on a regular basis hire one that only uses green seal certified products instead of standard household cleaning products. Every time you are thinking about throwing out an item ask yourself: is there another use for this item that would prevent me from having to throw it out? Or the next time you’re at the mall and tempted to buy something, ask yourself if you really need it. By delaying gratification for 24 hours, you can prevent a lot of mindless consumerism that only serves to place more stress on our planet and wallet. Keep reminding yourself that positive anything is better than negative nothing. Follow our LinkedIn group, check out our current sponsors if you have not already. Remember you can donate as little as $10 to this fantastic new initiative!

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