Two opposing scenarios captured my attention recently. The first scenario was seeing the photo of a young woman wading through garbage just to be able to go surfboarding. The visual impact brought me to tears. I have posted the photo on the EAG website this month not to shock you but to inspire you into initiating or increasing your efforts towards the reduction of plastic use. The second scenario was the sight of a young father walking ahead of me on his way towards the grocery store entrance stooping to pick up every piece of plastic from the ground to subsequently dispose of it properly.

It will be no surprise to most folks the first global analysis of all mass–produced plastics has found that it has outstripped most other man-made materials, threatening a “near permanent contamination of the natural environment”. The challenge for us is how do we fix it. The question for each of us is “Do I want to be the person contributing to wasteful damage or the one who is mindful of my choices at all times?”

Lisa James

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