It’s a new decade and a new year; opportunities for practicing sustainability in your own life abound. That goes doubly for your work environment. Do you have a success story? Do you know a healthcare company that is excelling in environmental protection? Apply for the 2020 ELPH Awards before the end of February & help us to recognize companies in Canada that are leaders in this area.

According to recent estimates from the World Resources Institute, Canada produces about 1.6 per cent of the world’s total greenhouse gases. That may seem like a tiny percentage. But it places Canada as the ninth biggest emitter in the world. It is the top 10 emitters that account for 70 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Seth Wynes, a geographer at the University of British Columbia who studies climate change mitigation, says analysis clearly shows Canadians produce more emissions per person than most other countries. He draws a comparison to dining out with a large group of friends and deciding not to pay your portion of the bill. But that’s what Canadians are doing (when it comes to climate change). “We’re producing more than our fair share of carbon … and we should be responsible for it” says Wynes.

– Lisa James

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