Earlier this week was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a holiday in the U.S. During the day, I heard many media messages of hope and inspiration, including the iconic “I have a dream….” There is no question that Dr. King was a leader and a visionary. Today, more than ever, we need examples of optimism.

At the inaugural ELPH™ Awards Ceremony on January 31st, we will be honouring leaders in the healthcare field who demonstrate sustainable business practices. The awards are open to all Canadian brand owners, manufacturers, distributors and service providers of healthcare products. These leaders conduct their operations while minimizing their environmental impact. Our applicants are trailblazers. And most importantly, they provide hope and inspiration to other companies who are striving to do the same.

Please join us on that day as we celebrate their accomplishments. It truly is a reason for optimism! More information about registration is provided below.

– Lisa James

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