Pope Francis recently said that the world will continue on “the spiral of self-destruction which currently engulfs us,” unless everyone works together to find solutions to the environmental crisis through dialogue and transparency. This dialogue must occur on the local, national and international level, and should include people from business, politics, science, religion and the environmental movements, as well as ordinary people whose lives are already being affected. We are all members of the environmental team of planet earth. All teams have leadership positions such as coach, manager, and captain. However, for a team to win it relies on all of its players contributing to their strategic roles. You don’t have to be one of the team leaders to make a difference. Your contribution counts.

In this month’s Top Story you can read about the recent actions of Toronto’s own UHN as they celebrated Earth Week. Read how they ‘reduce and reuse’ which reflects one of many ways they contribute to the bigger picture. We are a combined force for the betterment of a healthy planet.

Rather than feel you’re not doing enough, credit yourself with each small success. You will discover giving yourself credit for the little things you do for the planet will inspire you to keep on moving in the right direction. I say, be your own cheerleader!

– Lisa James.

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