Think of this, it is estimated that as much as $1 billion worth of recoverable materials are lost to landfills across Canada every year. Considering this estimate how can we ignore the importance and the value of a circular economy. A circular economy is one that drives innovation. For example, I live in a neighbourhood of 250 townhomes and plan to initiate a “goods exchange” program online. No cash! The concept is simply moving material goods from one person’s home to another. And, yes, transitioning to this type of economy does require a change in the way we think about waste, in how products and packaging are designed to reduce waste, and in how they are managed to maximize resource recovery. So, let’s remind ourselves of the benefits of this change of thinking. It would bring new growth and job opportunities. It would create savings to consumers and taxpayers through better resource recovery and waste reduction, improved eco-design, and increased reuse, while also helping us reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How can this be anything but a win for everyone – consumers, businesses, healthcare institutions and individuals?

Lisa James

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