“Going Green” is a very personal choice that is usually embraced wholeheartedly by the individual for deep, philosophical meaning. Despite what some may feel about another person’s answer to the question “Why Go Green”, it is a source of inspiration to be able to bond through our personal convictions. The impact of environmental pollution on humans and habitat is undeniable. Every year more fresh water is polluted, natural landscape is lost, and animals are becoming endangered or extinct. A loss of biodiversity raises the risks of disease and famine and the rate at which humans pollute the Earth is much faster than the rate at which the Earth can be restored. It seems, weekly we read about a new study that explains how some environmental factor is affecting our health, or has found another danger in one of our household products or personal care items. Why go green if not for our own health? Many people prefer to keep their convictions closer to home with a model of living simply. By connecting more and consuming less, they naturally mitigate the effects of many environmental concerns. Whatever your reasons and no matter your choices, doing something is always a positive contribution to our environment.