Since 1990 EAG has had the privilege of working hand in hand with many hospitals, pharma companies, healthcare facilities and their employees to assist with their environmental goals and achievements. Over the years we have seen tremendous environmental improvement in commitment to excellence. And so here we are now, eagerly anticipating being able to formally recognize excellence in this area for the organizations and /or individuals who have demonstrated such excellence. I want to personally thank all our sponsors for their generous contributions to make the ELPH awards possible. To all the many committee members who have been working tirelessly with their never-ending willingness to do whatever is asked, you have my sincerest gratitude. To those applicants who have already applied, congratulations for getting your application in early. To those still procrastinating I urge you to send them in immediately to be sure you are counted in the list of applicants. Let us know your proudest accomplishment to date.

-Lisa James

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