In a recent report Jefferies analysts said the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed efforts to reduce or ban single-use plastics back by years. A whole host of shifts are expected to limit our collective ability to abolish plastic waste. This pandemic is hitting hard the firms that collect and process plastics for recycling. As well, the impact on public finances has made recycling programs vulnerable, while the shift from commercial to residential waste has challenged collection logistics, alongside worries that collection programs could spread the virus. Meanwhile, fresh gluts of PPE are not only not recyclable, but have become a significant source of public litter.

    In spite of such discouraging information there are some examples of potential solutions to some of these challenges. It can be challenging these days to find positive and inspiring sustainability news. But many exist and collectively we can celebrate via the ELPH™ AWARDS 2021.. Send us your stories to

-Lisa James

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