Azure Sentinel Managed Services

Our Azure Sentinel Services provide a managed security detection and response SIEM for multi-cloud and on-premises environments to free up your IT team and rapidly detect and respond to threats before they escalate.

Pulse Tech Corp | Azure Sentinel Managed Services | Microsoft Security Stack

24x7x365 Management of Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Security Stack

As organizations collect an increasing volume of data from multiple sources, it has become overwhelming to keep up with advanced cybersecurity threats to protect your business assets. You may have reinforced your security system but getting a centralized bird’s-eye view into your network’s infrastructure is now critical.

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s cloud native SIEM and SOAR (security orchestration automated response) system that collects data from all your applications and devices so you can quickly identify suspicious behaviors and respond to threats. However, managing and monitoring a SIEM can be cumbersome and costly. Letting Pulse Tech Corp manage Azure Sentinel provides you with expert-level resources to defend your business efficiently and continually.

Our Azure Sentinel Managed Services

By trusting Pulse Tech Corp to manage your Microsoft Azure Sentinel environment, you free up your IT and security team and get experts to design, configure, optimize and monitor Azure Sentinel efficiently for your peace of mind.

Azure Sentinel Managed Services

  • Set up Azure Sentinel and prerequisite Azure services

  • Enable Microsoft A5/E5 security features, including Advanced Threat Protection, Identity Protection, Cloud App Security

  • Configure Syslog server for ingestion of network data

  • Initial optimization of syslog server

  • Ingestion optimization

  • Analysis optimization

  • Automated response optimization

  • Iterative ingestion of new data sources

  • Bi-weekly incident and status reporting

Remediation & Investigation Add-On

  • Managed detection and incident response

  • Service delivery management

  • Monthly incident reporting

  • After hour response

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